Parenting the Tech Generation

This generation is born with technology in its hand. Computers of old have been replaced by gadgets we can carry in our pockets, and no-one has adopted the technology lifestyle more than our children. Phones, IPods, IPads, social media, Internet gaming, television, as well as consoles and all manner of technologies allure and engage children with their inability to regulate input on their own. Parents too are happy to allow their children to engage in the use of technology, but is this safe, or simply a social experiment with our children as the guinea pigs? What kind of life will our children have if technology is all that they know?

This Blog will shine a light on technology use without being scientific. I choose not to engage in the current social experiment, but counter it. Through this Blog, I hope to curtail the effects of technology on my children’s life by being more mindful of how technology is impacting on their generation.

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