A Genesis

Alleluia! I actually found some time to begin my blog! I have been thinking about doing this for about 12 months, and after solidifying my Blog name of “A Thinking Catholic” about 2 weeks ago, all that was left to do was to find some time to write.

To introduce myself, I am a married mother of 2 with another on the way. I therefore have my main full time jobs as caregiver and housekeeper, but keep myself sane by working casually as a pre-marriage educator with CatholicCare – the welfare arm of the Archdiocese of Sydney. Previous to this, I worked for six years as a youth minister at my local Catholic Parish. I also went to its Catholic Primary and High School.

To solidify my Catholic credentials, I am also the daughter of a prominent Catholic Australian Theologian. This has incidentally subjected me to many discussions, debates, insights and discoveries that perhaps most young Catholics would never have. I have had swayings towards the Protestant tradition, and even stood at the precipice of disbelief (never more so than recently), but I keep coming back to my Catholic faith. It shapes me, guides me, moves me, bores me, frustrates me, enlightens me, answers my questions, and raises even more. When I read the paper, when I check Facebook, when I go to Mass, when I talk to people and when I ponder the purpose of my life, I draw on my faith and how the messiness of life fits in.

This blog is not an attempt to convert anyone, or to start rigorous debates about whether God is real or not. If you happen upon my blog, then feel free to read, but please refrain from spewing your vitriol. This blog is not for you, it is for me. Please give me the chance to breathe – that is the reason for this blog.

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